Art is the language of Existence.

"Art is the longing of the individual to be bridged with the whole of life; to connect with and give expression to life itself." - Meera


Venue for the Goa Painting Festival

Love Temple Beach Resort ............. A creative paradise

Love Temple is a home for all seekers, yogis, meditators and all friends & lovers who want to grow and transform. There is a great balance of spirituality and celebration at the Love Temple. Freedom is in the very air. You can dance, meditate, party and make friends with people from over 100 countries. Just being at the Love Temple  makes you feel so relaxed, comfortable and blissful that it gives you a feeling of being enlightened.

       Love Temple is situated at the Arambol beach and it is very close to the drum circle. Love Temple Auditorium has a huge space for 200 people to dance, practice yoga, meditate and celebrate . The campus includes a multi-cuisine restaurant, 5 yoga halls, 25 Cottages, a performance stage, dance space, and a therapy centre. Our beachfront restaurant and kitchen serve pure vegetarian and hygienic food. Just imagine having your favourite meal sitting in this love- paradise, enjoying fresh and free breezes, looking at the sunset.. it is just a feeling of pure heaven.

Accommodation options at Love Temple:

A Cottage with attached bathroom- Rupees 1500 per night.

A bed in the Dormitory- 600 rupees per night.

To book a cottage/Dorm at the Love Temple please write an email to 

For more information please visit

Some of other hotels near by are Lotus Sutra, Leena guest house, anant guest house, Ivons guest house, Gods Gift guest house, and Basho Cafe. You can search their contact details on the google map. You can book hotels at or

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See you at the festival!

Address: Love Temple Wellness Beach Resort   Near Life-Guard Station, Arambol beach, Goa, India  Email: Phone: +91  7507899160, 8378054322