a celebration of colors

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.    ...Plutarch

Welcome to the Goa Painting Festival

..Disappearing into Painting

11-  15  January 2019

Goa Painting festival is a love affair among you and colors, canvas, brushes, and nature. It is a celebration of art , creativity and love. Just by playing with colors you regain your innocence again and you feel like a child. You will discover that painting is nothing but an expressions of you heart, desires and longings. It is also a therapy that heals you deep wounds and pain.  

This festival is a combination of painting, music, healthy food, dance, yoga, meditation and celebration. The love vibes at the Love Temple will sooth and nourish your heart.  Welcome to the creative land.

Love Temple Community is a retreat center situated right at the middle of Arambol Beach. This is the best location possible for a Tantra festival. Its an oasis where we can enjoy friendship meetings, delicious meals and beautiful ocean view. Love temple has 3 big halls, 25 rooms, a vegetarian restaurant and a spa.

Arambol Beach, (Goa, India) is the old hippi meca of Goa, that now has turned into a spiritual hub. Most of Arambol is situated by the long beautiful beach, offering calm mornings and stunning sunsets.

I love painting so much that nothing else matters.      .. Kusama

Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour.


You do not require to be a painter to paint.


The greatest experiences happen in meditation.


Your body is a temple and yoga is a prayer.

Live Music

Music gives you a glimpse of the heaven.

Welcome to the Love Temple!         ... A Center for Transformation

Love Temple is a home for all seekers, yogis, meditators and all friends & lovers who want to grow and transform. There is a great balance of spirituality and celebration at the Love Temple. Freedom is in the very air. You can dance, meditate, party and make friends with people from over 100 countries. Just being at the Love Temple  makes you feel so relaxed, comfortable and blissful that it gives you a feeling of being enlightened.


..new and fresh